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Made it over two days, nothing special, just a few killing frenzies. i made it mainly to screw around with the editing, because this is my first edit...
Added by: sand8
Posted June 16 2009
mahaha i made this ^o^!
Added by: IRISH
Posted June 15 2009
Jackal and Hyde live in Salt Lake City Utah 2007. Its funny this is the only few shows i was tripping and lliked it :D
Added by: IRISH
Posted June 13 2009
TourneyPlay 2 in Washington. See the Smashers ^___^
Added by: t0mmy
Posted June 12 2009
Filmed by: Havok, Oats Editted by: PAYNE (Raul Zambrano) Thanks to Alex and Claire for the great Tournament! - San Diego Brawl
Added by: Oats
Posted June 12 2009
Knee'd Momentum??
Added by: PhantomMarth
Posted June 11 2009
Added by: Amaterasu Okami
Posted June 11 2009
I was playing Brawl when I heard a "MORTAL KOMBAT" coming from the computer... Well, one week later, here we go. I hope you'll have a laugh as big a...
Added by: Honoryuu
Posted June 9 2009
Highlights from August 2008 friendlies. Features the SAFASDSCG!
Added by: Blapius
Posted June 2 2009
last time I made a pyro vid I had 11 hours, this time I had 33...hold on to your hats made by bloodsire, watch on youtube for HQ or on noobflicks: ...
Added by: Jankanpo
Posted May 30 2009
Trailer from our 10th anniversary tournament in Las Vegas, NV. August 8-10, 2008. Granted this years EVO 2K9 will be the BIGGEST EVO ever! But yo...
Added by: JuniorMints
Posted May 29 2009
Added by: myochi
Updated May 24 2009
Footage from my digital camera taken over the course of APEX! Wish I had more but I got what I could. Some of the videos were shorten to get the video...
Added by: Lobos
Posted May 11 2009
getting jipped for ma couple of kills
Added by: zora
Posted May 10 2009
My sequel montage is finally here! Sorry for the wait, my prior camera had broken so I had to put many of my projects on hold. As always it's not ...
Added by: Hardgainer08
Posted May 8 2009
My First Call Of Duty WaW Montage Music-Red-Breathe Into Me Here's The High Quality If Your Computer Can't Handle HD [url]
Added by: Rodshod D. Neal
Posted May 5 2009
READ DESCRIPTION- if you want to be apart of my montage just give me your friend code and your wii number and send me your most epic wins
Added by: Rodshod D. Neal
Posted May 5 2009
Hey man :3 Sniping in competitive play is hard! How can I kill anything when everything roams in packs and is overhealed~ All clips from 6v6 LUE...
Added by: Jankanpo
Posted May 5 2009
Left CGC early to watch this fight that didn't even last 3 rounds!!!!! DAMN!!!!!
Added by: GenesisRemix
Posted May 3 2009
Dedicated to my best friend Jen, for being so awesome, I finally got my partner for Team Battles and I could never ask for a better team mate. It's a ...
Added by: Loo
Posted April 25 2009
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