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Added by: myochi
Updated May 24 2009
Footage from my digital camera taken over the course of APEX! Wish I had more but I got what I could. Some of the videos were shorten to get the video...
Added by: Lobos
Posted May 11 2009
getting jipped for ma couple of kills
Added by: zora
Posted May 10 2009
My sequel montage is finally here! Sorry for the wait, my prior camera had broken so I had to put many of my projects on hold. As always it's not ...
Added by: Hardgainer08
Posted May 8 2009
My First Call Of Duty WaW Montage Music-Red-Breathe Into Me Here's The High Quality If Your Computer Can't Handle HD [url]
Added by: Rodshod D. Neal
Posted May 5 2009
READ DESCRIPTION- if you want to be apart of my montage just give me your friend code and your wii number and send me your most epic wins
Added by: Rodshod D. Neal
Posted May 5 2009
Hey man :3 Sniping in competitive play is hard! How can I kill anything when everything roams in packs and is overhealed~ All clips from 6v6 LUE...
Added by: Jankanpo
Posted May 5 2009
Left CGC early to watch this fight that didn't even last 3 rounds!!!!! DAMN!!!!!
Added by: GenesisRemix
Posted May 3 2009
Dedicated to my best friend Jen, for being so awesome, I finally got my partner for Team Battles and I could never ask for a better team mate. It's a ...
Added by: Loo
Posted April 25 2009
Well, I've picked up the game today and man it's definetely an improvement from Excite Truck. You can turn more easily now and also do air
Added by: Rodriguezjr
Posted April 22 2009
Normal HQ link: [url][/url] Special thanks to jinnarin/winty for helping me get around the copyrig...
Added by: d00d1690
Posted April 22 2009
a Video Montage of my Favorite smash Moves of All Time (ver.3)
Added by: PhantomMarth
Posted April 16 2009
I decided to try the Ice Climbers because they are considered by some the most tech skill intensive characters in Brawl, meaning they require basic kn...
Added by: illinialex24
Posted April 13 2009
Coming April 16th. Inspired by Shippiddige's Smashtasm.
Added by: AlphaicX
Posted April 12 2009
lol i had to re upload this due to a few technical problems with scenes and such its a lot better now in HD!!!! or maybe high quality i don't know. Ga...
Added by: Shadow0414
Posted April 11 2009
CHECK IT OUT. NEW INTRO. I hope you guys like the new intro. It's just a little experiment. Based ont he feed back, Ill either keep it or go back ...
Added by: GHNeko
Posted March 30 2009
Documentary currently in production by Kyle "Rofa" Ravreby. ...
Added by: Fire!
Posted March 30 2009
What a way to spend an afternoon. Give a cheer to Super Smash Bros!
Added by: Fire!
Posted March 19 2009
This is what is really going on in Iraq. I don't know these guys, I just found the vid somewhere in the internet. Songs: First one is something fro...
Added by: electrikefang11
Posted March 18 2009
blah i could have done better and this video was done during my noobish day now im way better so gimmie a break people
Added by: hawk000
Posted March 17 2009
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