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played by dah m found originally by hakadama
Added by: LIAN
Posted August 26 2013
An album for ssj4vegeto50's stadium-related videos.
Added by: ssj4vegeto50
Updated August 11 2013
I finally got sfx to work. I'm also surprised that the file patch code works too on Riivolution O_o Deadpool's Color Textures: [url]http://www.medi...
Added by: SilverEliteX
Posted August 11 2013
Me while practicing some random stuff. Sorry for low volume and kinda bad recording.
Added by: Cpt.ROK-Z
Posted August 5 2013
Messing around with my bro :D
Added by: ViRuS
Posted August 3 2013
this is why i think falco is gay and dislike fighting him just look at this abuse but it is good skill tho
Added by: LordMix
Posted July 31 2013
Shoutout to Timi for the constructive criticism, it motivated me to come up with a better strat which has a lot more potential! =) READ BELOW: I'm ...
Added by: Bluekandy
Posted July 29 2013
Well, halfway through this I realized my control stick on my TASing controller is broken, it sticks to whatever direction I push it. :L Or else I woul...
Added by: Bluekandy
Posted July 26 2013
An album for Bluekandy's stadium-related videos.
Added by: Bluekandy
Updated July 19 2013
Download the song here: [url][/url] Every year the Sonic Paradox crew has an animation for the Summer...
Added by: Winry
Posted July 10 2013
I have a 295% tip with a second BDjBDrjBDAFA after 255% :P It's really bad but I was just so excited that I got the bat drop after 85% after working f...
Added by: Bluekandy
Posted July 6 2013
An album for PIERREL05's stadium-related videos.
Added by: PIERREL05
Updated June 30 2013
Meta Knight:me Noobs
Added by: diddz
Posted June 17 2013
Added by: Planet God Uranus
Posted June 1 2013
First WR and sup 1600m ^^ - Strat: BDBTDBD-DBDrjBDBTDBD-DBDrjBDADA-BDFB-DBDrjBDAFA-BDjBDrjBDABA-HR Previous WR: 5187.3ft by SW.
Added by: Bluekandy
Posted May 25 2013
I want WR XD Strong hit at the end is impossible. I may change this strat around soon, but I will work on Samus now, unless you guys have a good idea ...
Added by: Bluekandy
Posted May 22 2013
This is my first video thanks to EzCap :) Subscribe
Added by: SilverEliteX
Posted May 19 2013
BDBTDBD-TBDjBDrjBDBTDABA-TBDjBDrjBDADA-TBDjBDrjBDANA-DBDjab-HR I love this strat ^^ I may work on it again, because I would like to include a shine ...
Added by: Bluekandy
Posted May 15 2013
Page: 1 2 3 4 5 · 13 91