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I'd like to thank LinksDarkArrows for coming up with Ike's strategy. I worked like hell on this run it took me about 3 hours to achieve this score. I ...
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted February 27 2012
I'll be uploading my compilation soon I just need to improve a few stragegies. And I'm debating weather or not I should put Ganon in because his time ...
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted February 21 2012
I spent less than 2 weeks on this. It's not the best, but I was getting bored with this stage about halfway through so I took the easy way out during ...
Added by: LinksDarkArrows
Posted February 13 2012
These are just more records, and now that I have a record for Wario, I now have a record for everyone. I hope you guys enjoy!
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 27 2012
Should I keep this strategy and improve it or should I find a different strategy?
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 24 2012
Bowser's went well but DDD oh I have lots to say about his please don't complain to me that the ending sucks because yes I know it suck and I'm workin...
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 24 2012
These are some stratagies that...I'm just not happy with thier times or even their stratagy but that's just me you guys can leave comments on what you...
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 23 2012
This is my own stratagy because I know that the actual WR stratagy doesn't use items either.
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 23 2012
(!)READ BEFORE OR WHILE WATCHING(!) First of all I'd like to apologize for the shakeing this is my first recorded video. All of these stratagies I ca...
Added by: LancexTxWx
Posted January 20 2012
2 guys that decided to have 3 matches. Fun to watch.
Added by: Newbkirby
Posted January 4 2012
A couple of offline friendly matches
Added by: Brav
Updated January 2 2012
Added by: Kency-FTG
Posted December 16 2011
Sheik 14.90 - all items must be used and only items can be used to break a target i posted this as one of SSBMstuff's weekly challenge, it did get ...
Added by: pushingthesky
Posted December 13 2011
An album for RaWkr's stadium-related videos.
Added by: RaWkr
Posted November 20 2011
10/28/11 offline friendlies
Added by: Eddie G
Posted October 30 2011
Some old records (like from 2 years ago) that I wanted to share even if they aren't that good. Some characters could not make it in the vid because o...
Added by: LwYz.Ph.
Posted October 7 2011
An album for ZeroN92's stadium-related videos.
Added by: Z3roN
Posted September 8 2011
uploaded upon request quality is **** cuz phone
Added by: MisterConsistent
Posted August 18 2011
Some offline freendlies
Added by: Nives
Updated August 11 2011
She just stands silently. But they act like they've seen a ghost.
Added by: Axis Tha Kyd
Posted July 24 2011
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