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My Ness still needs work huh?
Added by: Nikorasu
Posted September 20 2013
Today Jay shows me what Pokemon Showdown is ALL about! The awesome online battle mode where players around the world can create, battle, and socialize...
Added by: SuperGirlKels
Posted September 12 2013
Offline friendlies (watch in HD)
Added by: Kudemo
Posted September 8 2013
3 VERY special guest stars come in this week for an epic showdown in brawl! Cobi, my favourite youtuber, Sonic's Channel: my first subscription ever, ...
Added by: SuperGirlKels
Posted August 31 2013
Music: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Sakura Schoolyard Friendly Clip from me and Pain, he won the match but I just wanted this certain clip for the O_O Sh...
Added by: Masonmace
Posted August 23 2013
This is what ceo's of a business do in their free time: A few relaxing and fun brawls against each other while introducing some textures and music you...
Added by: Yoshibro1
Posted August 20 2013
Fun games.Denver and I played around 8 games, picked the ones I thought would be the most interesting to watch. His snake is just so slick.
Added by: Grapes
Posted August 12 2013
Sadly all these great brawls have to come to an end! So today we're giving you the longest, and best 2/3 with your favourite guests that have been her...
Added by: SuperGirlKels
Posted August 9 2013
Online friendly match with Aggronizing.
Added by: Akiro
Posted August 8 2013
Just a friendly match, he was trying to teach me the falco MU as Lucario pretty much.
Added by: StaticManny
Posted August 2 2013
I have never seen this many outbursts of laughing in one commentary.
Added by: KosmoGreanan9
Posted July 30 2013
For this week's Smash video, I brought in 2 special well known female Sonics who know how to fight! With both of them on the same side, how can we win...
Added by: SuperGirlKels
Posted July 25 2013
Christmas 2012, a very rusty match on a very classic stage for us. Hope you enjoy.
Added by: Dr. Robotnik
Posted July 22 2013
A few wifi matches against somone from aib.
Added by: Yoshibro1
Posted July 18 2013
After having way too many requests for 1 VS 1 these past 3 weeks, I decided to finally record you guys an awesome, and hell of a fun match against Tim...
Added by: SuperGirlKels
Posted July 18 2013
Remember to watch in HD! Decent match again, probably would have lost if Xeon didn't SD. We both did some nice stuff in this match though...
Added by: BlazeShadow
Posted July 15 2013
Friendly match
Added by: Lalo
Posted July 15 2013
Juego amistoso, RavenTsuki vs Sa. Consola Wii, una batalla Épica, disculpen la calidad del vídeo, pero créanme que les encantara. Epic Ganon XP Panamá...
Added by: RavenTsuki
Posted July 14 2013
Get Hype Monthly 8_420_Albany, Louisiana + LOST! The Grand Finale_March 30, 2013_Lafayette, Louisiana + Get Hype Monthly 7_March 23, 2013_Albany, Loui...
Added by: Pip
Updated July 13 2013
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