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A collection of my matches! =)
Added by: B0NK
Posted April 9 2012
A local tourney in RI. March 17th, 2012 at Rick's Game Center.
Added by: LordXav1er
Updated March 22 2012
Some of the many matches I have with my brother: Chaoslinkx33. Whether they be recent or old.
Added by: masterbrawler111
Posted March 17 2012
My friend Revoultion6 and I have some brawl shenanigans on wifi :D. Also a quality test and something for the Ness boards <3 Rev is not a Luigi main ...
Added by: Screk
Posted February 27 2012
Just beating up some people
Added by: lava1
Posted February 7 2012
Once again I teach you how to beat Tabuu. Lava vs Tabuu. Difficulty : Intense Lava's Comment : Tabuu sucks and I can beat him with one character
Added by: lava1
Posted February 7 2012
Game 1, 2, and 3.
Added by: Grapes
Posted February 5 2012
Spirit (random) Grapes (Luigi)
Added by: Grapes
Posted February 5 2012
The final trailer for my upcoming combo video. Inspired and motivated by The Blue Missile, Blayd, of course. I happen to be a really lucky Luigi with ...
Added by: BlueZone
Posted February 2 2012
An album collection with all of my Sudden Death matches. Hope you enjoy and get a laugh out of these.
Added by: JMIX
Updated January 30 2012
The only good replays I have.
Added by: Papero
Posted December 28 2011
Situational, sure, but whatever. It's Brawl, this could be the first zero to death consecutive hit combo out there. xD Song: Reapers Rave by NIGHTk...
Added by: BlueZone
Posted December 28 2011
Just got some Dazzle thingy, wanted to try it out, so I threw this thing together. This wasn't a serious combo video, my Luigi one should be coming wi...
Added by: BlueZone
Posted December 26 2011
Why rolling is awesome... All rights to their owners
Added by: kongmetal
Posted December 16 2011
Over-edited something that's not that big of a deal for the hell of it. Six in a row because I'm lucky like that. :p Song: Mega Man 2 Nuclear Flash...
Added by: BlueZone
Posted December 12 2011
Added by: Nives
Updated December 9 2011
It's been a while since I uploaded a vid, so I made a short compilation on my best misfire moments online. I have a feeling I forgot a few clips, but ...
Added by: BlueZone
Posted November 30 2011
E4S:Lucian MM. Didn't get the first match recorded :( but it was Mario vs Marth & he 2-stocked me at SV. Sorry for no sound, I need to fix that on Pin...
Added by: Deeznutz
Posted November 28 2011
Added by: SFA Wafty
Posted November 28 2011
CCD's jaw-dropping History Behind Super Smash Bros. videos. I'll upload them here as they come out. Like CrappyCaptureDevice's videos? Join the fa...
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Added by: Miles of SmashWiki
Updated November 27 2011
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