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D4rk Sakura
Added by: -THUG-
Posted July 3 2008
Grand Finals against the best team in the AV
Added by: ShadowRob
Posted July 3 2008
toon link vs fox/luigi/marth
Added by: codemaster95175
Posted July 3 2008
Dark Sakura Edition
Added by: ShadowRob
Posted July 3 2008
Added by: silverdrop
Posted July 3 2008
I liked these matches. I thought that they were pretty good.
Added by: isingh262
Posted June 28 2008
Brawler_Pit ( Donkey Kong) and Jassim ( Ness ) , we both try to hit over 500m over the internet, lol, it was our first time doing so , and we could on...
Added by: brawler_pit
Posted June 28 2008
Just videos of me playing other people. Most of these matches are online matches, but some of them were played in person. Enjoy.
Added by: Jingo Joe
Updated June 28 2008
This time me getting owned, but I put in a good round lol
Added by: SpaZtiK
Posted June 26 2008
Sooooo... I herd u liek MUDKIPS?! o_O
Added by: Sakurazaki
Posted June 23 2008
unless you can beat it. (lose to it?) Link that works: [url][/url]
Added by: kirbah
Posted June 18 2008
AzOneTwoStep - June 15 - 15, 2008 Mesa, Arizona (just down the street from my house :D ) This was by far the best tournament I have been to yet...
Added by: dookdigity
Posted June 18 2008
Sheik vs Wario
Added by: Gimpyfish62
Posted June 17 2008
Sets from the last monthly vs Bladewise Fear Emo$(pending) Sagemoon(pending)
Added by: Eggz
Posted June 17 2008
I lose the majority.
Added by: ToiletPro
Posted June 16 2008
Brawl Online fights between me and anonymous players.
Added by: resistance
Posted June 13 2008
this is the semi finals where i get completely owned.
Added by: E-low
Posted June 12 2008
about two weeks ago from today danimals capture card dosnt get sound,so i just added music
Added by: LuCKy the Hedgehog
Posted June 12 2008
New strat ^_^ We just might go for WR =D BGM: How far we've come - Matchbox 20
Added by: WiiProducers
Posted June 9 2008
does there really need to be a description?
Added by: MuraRengan
Posted June 9 2008
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