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Due to the big sucess of SuperGirlKels: Can't Be Tamed, We had to create a second music video bringing in another character starring Kevin the Hedg...
Added by: SuperGirlKels
Posted January 1 2011
The Barra MacNeils I don't own this song. Don't sue me.
Added by: Kakashi of the Sharingan
Posted December 23 2010
Cover of BYOB by System of a down on guitar.
Added by: w00t
Posted December 19 2010
I was like "Eh, why not, school just got out, I'll enter!" and I chose "Winter Wonderland" because I just like that song :D I didn't go with funny or ...
Added by: LinkElfice510
Posted December 17 2010
Download Link: [url][/url] A lot of people asked me if I could upload my "A Heavy Burden/Wariors" Mix from th...
Added by: Jul
Posted November 21 2010
just something i made in an hour =/ DON´T MUTE IT YOUTUBE BECAUSE: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is...
Added by: Cough Syrup
Posted November 17 2010
Download this videoclip on iTunes: [url][/url] Download this track here: [url][/url] It all starte...
Added by: Dark_Neon
Posted November 10 2010
The intro of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, Sonic SatAM (Saturday Morning)
Added by: Guardian
Posted November 7 2010
A project SuperGirlKels is working on for Kiki-Lee's first music video introducing her to the world of Super Smash Bros Brawl with her mains. Song us...
Added by: SuperGirlKels
Posted November 7 2010
Special thanks to Spoony for using our hard rock cover of his theme song, Break Me by the Irresponsible's [url]
Added by: Guardian
Posted November 7 2010
This is the theme that plays in the majority of the Dark World in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This one wasn't much of a challenge note or ...
Added by: Guardian
Posted October 7 2010
You can now buy your movie tickets directly on Facebook to see "Toy Story 3" at [url][/url] Want to see "Toy Story 3"...
Added by: XyzGǶơƽƗ
Posted September 16 2010
Added by: XyzGǶơƽƗ
Posted September 2 2010
Added by: XyzGǶơƽƗ
Posted August 30 2010
My very first mix about 1-2 years ago. This is what got me started to making what I am doing now. Hope you enjoy it!
Added by: -Wedding Dress Mannie-
Posted August 24 2010
Gota love Music..
Added by: XyzGǶơƽƗ
Posted August 19 2010
Kickin it old school while playin brawl..
Added by: XyzGǶơƽƗ
Posted August 19 2010
Tehehe >:D
Added by: JuvenileREX
Posted August 15 2010
Here it is! Super Smash Bros' infamous Capt. Falcon takes on all opponents in this dubstep/ hardcore techno original! Here is my website. Down...
Added by: dr downey
Posted August 12 2010
SuperGirlKels's FIRST music video. New look, new style. She's all grown up and celebrating 10 years of SMASH! SHE CAN'T BE TAMED! Could you keep u...
Added by: SuperGirlKels
Posted August 5 2010
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