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our first game after the one and only gets back to psn he said the fadc combo on the last round was cool so i uploaded it
Added by: MisterConsistent
Posted September 22 2011
Atlus here! I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and was further motivated after I saw Acryte's video! I figured this is a goo...
Added by: Fire!
Posted August 19 2011
Yes several people were doubting about the veracity of the incredible claim on SmashBoards, so I felt like making this video to shatter any doubt on t...
Added by: shagari
Posted April 8 2011
Wii broke so I'ma play some melee for a while, wth happened here?
Added by: Drift108
Posted April 10 2010
A hacker somehow broke into Nintendo World's cyberspace or so and was somehow able to create an event pokemon "Shiny Gengar" with a very racist name. ...
Added by: i1337
Posted October 25 2009
my screen name is K11 add my brawl code 1633-3938-8129 and message yours to me ect add my hotmail... [email protected] or [email protected]..
Added by: K11
Posted September 13 2009
A vid I made to show you guys how G&W can be one of the best characters in melee and in brawl when used corectly. G&W owns Marth, Luigi, Fox and Ganon...
Added by: Regi_King
Posted March 7 2009
Does not help you whatsoever, but sure is cute.
Added by: Snowmanthatknows
Posted February 26 2009
it's a sheik combo!
Added by: ycz6
Posted February 13 2009
This is me getting the max number of combos possible in Training Mode possible with Ness. I made sure to show the start so you could see the strat I u...
Added by: tgk
Posted April 4 2008
My second video. All gameplay by me. Music: Chariots of Fire Theme I decided to actually put some effort into this one, and I think it turned out p...
Added by: ycz6
Posted March 9 2008
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