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Just testing out my flash player for recording games, In this Super Smash Bros. Brawl I did endless brawl as Sonic. My record is actually 776 and was ...
Added by: Cyrelle/Sonic18
Posted June 16
Uranus Birthday Tournament 2011/04/15
Added by: Piludo
Posted May 30 2012
Old matches
Added by: BlackHawk
Posted October 30 2011
An album for Lyosa1023's stadium-related videos.
Added by: Lyosa1023
Updated June 9 2011
An album for No1 Inparticular's stadium-related videos.
Added by: No1 Inparticular
Updated April 8 2011
Our score~ 238 KOs
Added by: Psi Michael
Posted February 21 2011
24 KOs on Cruel Brawl with Ness
Added by: Psi Michael
Posted February 21 2011
just for fun... MK is pretty much the only char who can make it look cool without edge grabbing all the time...
Added by: SW-1988
Posted January 18 2011
15 got him just above my Meta
Added by: W.C.N
Posted January 14 2011
Title says it all
Added by: CloudEnvy
Updated November 12 2010
Multi-Man Brawl ~ Cruel Brawl
Added by: Ano Otoko
Posted October 14 2010
Just a quick screenshot as I finished this MK run, and the resulting total afterward. Nuthin special. Put to the first 15 sec of the music for FD...
Added by: Sadoth
Posted August 7 2010
My bad for my shaky hands. You need to trick them into jumping off the stage and Aether Spiking them.
Added by: GC.Mitz
Posted July 26 2010
An album for PhantomMarth's stadium-related videos.
Added by: PhantomMarth
Updated June 24 2010
Just posting a new record I got with Zelda while doing Cruel Brawl. I actually fought back this time instead of just warping.
Added by: Linkz
Posted June 3 2010
Thanks to ZnD for the video. =) I quit 10-Man Brawl until I get more competition. Don't expect to see any videos from me for a while. Everyone i...
Added by: No1 Inparticular
Posted May 12 2010
This took forever to accomplish! Me getting 166 KOs on Endless Brawl using Zelda.
Added by: Linkz
Posted March 16 2010
Vids uploaded to mostly test out my Capture card
Added by: Red-Dragon
Posted December 11 2009
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