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The AiB description is too small to say what I have to about this run, so go see the description on Youtube if you're interested in that.
Added by: Omega Tyrant
Posted April 27
NOTE: The title says this was a "pseudo-no damage run", by which I mean, I technically take damage by powering myself up with Lucario's Ultra taunt, b...
Added by: Omega Tyrant
Posted February 11
Just like with Mewtwo and the Galleom, the PM guys replaced the Duon's sounds with Roy's, again resulting in more weird hilarity. To see the Galleo...
Added by: Omega Tyrant
Posted January 10
So in Project M, to get Mewtwo's sounds into the game, they replaced The Galleom's sounds with Mewtwo's. The results are pretty weird when you battle ...
Added by: Omega Tyrant
Posted January 10
This is a video of me clearing Boss Battles on Intense difficulty with Nolimar, without using any heart containers. Against Rayquaza, Porky, and Ga...
Added by: Omega Tyrant
Posted October 11 2013
Here's a video of me completing Boss Battles on Intense difficulty with Marth, without sustaining any damage. Took me a long time to get this, but I w...
Added by: Omega Tyrant
Posted May 13 2013
Here are a couple of runs I did in Boss Battles with P:M Ganondorf.
Added by: Omega Tyrant
Posted March 30 2013
i got os for days son
Added by: MisterConsistent
Posted October 14 2011
Final Time: 2:13
Added by: UltimaTL
Updated August 4 2011
Super Smash Brothers: Brawl on the Wii. Higher Quality: [url][/url] The rest is just credits, I wan...
Added by: Tiamat475
Posted October 11 2010
From Brett Gelman's One Thousand Cats - Part Two
Added by: TerminalMontage
Posted July 7 2010
"re-upload for german people because they can't watch the other one :D it'S because the music :D" Owner of video: KyoakuNaKira (YouTube Account) ...
Added by: Tha Thing 1337
Posted March 20 2010
English version of SSBB intro for nintento wii! PS. my friend code is 1891-2668-4145
Added by: Pork Hero
Posted March 16 2010
A collection playlist of my playthrough on Subspace Emissary ALL THE WAY THROUGH on INTENSE DIFFICULTY WITHOUT using Stat Boosting Stickers. Hope you ...
Added by: JMIX
Posted December 12 2009
I finished boss battles for the frist time(on easy becasue I was using Wario all other times and I always sucked)!I thoguht I'd make a vid showing wha...
Added by: ZachGuy00
Posted May 29 2009
Not maxed. Sorry for the bad quality. Please visit: [url][/url]
Added by: NintendoPlayers
Posted May 16 2009
My Subspace Emissary Speed run completed in 2:15 in a single segment
Added by: CaptainFalcon89
Posted February 1 2009
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