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A compilation of all my BtT records.

Background Music is "Forever a Dream", by Silent Heart. Special thanks to Silent Heart for allowing me to use this piece for this video.
Added by: Treklink256
Date: Jan 05, 2009
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SSBM - BtT Compilation

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Astral Phoenix wrote at 7:46 PM on Mar 14, 2011 :
ahsum! da bess BtT compilation ever!
_ForsaKen_ wrote at 12:32 PM on Sep 2, 2010 :
young link and link were amazing
MSBro wrote at 5:05 PM on Apr 23, 2010 :
Yea youre right about that! =D
Treklink256 wrote at 12:29 PM on Apr 18, 2010 :
Well, remember, there's no such thing as a bad Smash Bros game, hehe ^_^
MSBro wrote at 3:20 PM on Apr 17, 2010 :
Well you may find this wierd but sadly I was just never into melee. =/ Ive played a couple of times but it just didnt wow me like the Smash Bros 64. Sure melee has many features like awards, more characters, improved graphics and an adventure mode but the fighting on it just never interested me. =0 And hearing everyone talk about it alot kinda added to my dislike of melee as well. But watching your vids makes me want to play alittle though, its been a very very long time since I played it. =D
Treklink256 wrote at 2:36 PM on Apr 17, 2010 :
If you wanna know what perfect is, check the wr list icon_wink Melee's frantic pacing and depth makes it frustrating to play for many people. But that's what I think makes it so exciting, and small tight-knit community makes it rewarding to play for me. What didn't you like about Melee?
MSBro wrote at 7:07 PM on Apr 15, 2010 :
Far from perfect? o__O If this isnt perfect then I dont know what is! Youre very very good at it and I kinda wish that I had melee now. It wasnt one of my favorites but you really got me interested in it! =D
Treklink256 wrote at 8:57 PM on Apr 13, 2010 :
Years of playing icon_wink I think they're pretty good, but all far from perfect...
MSBro wrote at 3:57 PM on Apr 13, 2010 :
How did you manage to get new records with all of them so perfectly? o__O The you did with Ocarina Link was my favorite! ;D