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My All-Star world record in SSBM with Peach.

I'm sad I didn't get 4 million points. Peach is tougher to get high scores due to her crappy pummel, which makes it hard to get damage on some stages that work well for other characters (see Bowser in this vid for a perfect example), so getting 4 million with her is like getting 5 million with most other characters. I'll go for 4 million eventually, but I don't feel like wasting another half a VHS tape on redoing her right now.

Funny ending XP

I don't remember when this was done. July or August of 09 or so.

Background music is "Fleeting Ecstasy" (OCRemix), by chthonic
Added by: Treklink256
Date: Jan 05, 2009
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SSBM - All-Star - Peach [world record]

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