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They said it couldn't be done.
They said it shouldn't be done.
So, naturally, Trek HAD to do it! ^_^

I'm not sure exactly how long this took, since I lost track of how much time I had been playing. I'm guessing it was around 420 hours (I was quite conservative on this run). By my calculations that should be sufficient for 1.3 billion points. It's a good thing I intentionally overshot my goal, or I wouldn't have made it on this run.

Also note that apparently the max bonus for Item Catcher is higher than what you see here, but only the first 999,999,999 points is actually saved. Anything beyond that isn't saved to the game's memory card. it's possible that other versions have different limits (I used NTSC 1.1 for this run), but I'm not about to find out. =p

Background music is "Snow Cone Heaven" (OCRemix), by Mazedude.
Added by: Treklink256
Date: Jan 05, 2009
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SSBM - All-Star - Ice Climbers [world record](glitch)

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