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My All-Star score with Donkey Kong; 7,743,360 points, a world record. It brings my total to 1,106,449,589 points. Both the score and the total are world records. On the first stage, I show some of the tactics that I use to squeeze out every last possible point. For example: -I immo Ness so he won't get close to me and attack me -I utilize items and other tactics I use to gain extra bonuses, and thus extra points The fifth stage shown (against DK) shows the inherent problem with inflicting damage on stages when CPUs run away for pokeballs, and how I deal with such situations. The rest of the stages aren't really anything unusual. This video is in 480p, so plz watch in HQ. I figured out how to upscale my 480p vids to 1080i, but I'm not sure if the result is worth a 4x increase in file size. I'll be uploading this same video in 1080i as a quality test in some point in the next few days, so stay tuned! The Background music is "Monkey Berengue" (OCRemix), by bustatunez.
Added by: Treklink256
Date: Jan 05, 2009
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SSBM - All-Star - DK [world record]

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