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World record in SSBM All-Star with Pichu - 3,920,020 points.

Since there are so few stages where you can get a good score with Pichu, getting this score was pretty tough and took quite a bit of luck (4 million with Pichu is like 6 million with everyone else). I'm kind of bummed I didn't hit 4 million, but I don't care enough to redo it right now.

Only two more characters to go before I have the world record with every character! (three if I decide to do no-glitch ICs) ^_^

I'm changing video formats yet again. I've uploaded this video in three different container formats, and this one is the best quality. It's a h.264 6000kbps vid, with a filesize of about a quarter gig. While h.264 looks slightly better on YouTube than my MP2, MP1 or AVI videos, my computer won't play it back for some reason. I haven't really troubleshooted it yet, but I will soon (iirc WMP won't play h.264). For now, I'm saving it as a h.264 for upload to youtube, and also as a MP2 for local playback. If I can't get it to work I mig
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Date: Jan 05, 2009
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SSBM - All-Star - Pichu [world record]

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