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Here is my "Super Smash Bros Melee" Game Playthrough all the way on Classic Mode. I wanted to make this in order to add it to my video collection. I'm playing on the difficulty level "Very Hard," but my video is a more different approach. Instead of playing with the same character all the way through, I decided to use my editing skills and use all characters in each different stage. I didn't want to include "Break The Targets," "Snag The Trophy," and "Race To The Finish" because they were bonus stages. I didn't even want to include the "Congratulations" speech with the pictures at the end. All I cared about was the gameplay.

The Order in this video is:

1. 4 "Stage 1" Fights
2. 3 "Stage 2" Fights
3. 4 "Stage 4" Fights
4. 3 "Stage 5" Fights
5. 4 "Stage 7" Fights
6. 3 "Stage 8" Fights
7. 3 "Stage 10" Fights
8. 1 "Stage 11" Final Fight.
Added by: JMIX
Date: Dec 16, 2010
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Super Smash Bros 2 (Melee) Single Player Classic Mode Montage (All 25 Characters Used)