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Wifi Friendlies
Added by: Prince Ike
Date: Mar 23, 2012
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RoV (Ike) vs IkueA (Marth)



XXXPEACEXXX wrote at 10:36 AM on Mar 24, 2012 :
is there any other matches you'll upload? i saw him whooping you a couple of times as marth lol good match tho
Nova 9 wrote at 9:29 AM on Mar 24, 2012 :
lower* some*
Nova 9 wrote at 9:28 AM on Mar 24, 2012 :
to that marth player when u miss f-air a fast falling up air will keep u from getting back aired and up b out of jab lock is only good when your percentage is lowers at higher percentage just di out of it and counter. also so mind games wouldn't hurt.
Prince Ike wrote at 10:58 PM on Mar 23, 2012 :
Lol I be beastin.
Marco Antonio Solis wrote at 9:54 PM on Mar 23, 2012 :
Prince Ike wrote at 5:17 PM on Mar 23, 2012 :
i will lets go right now.
Ryuga1 wrote at 5:15 PM on Mar 23, 2012 :
* will never upload our games. *
Prince Ike wrote at 9:13 AM on Mar 23, 2012 :
yea i learned the MU against speedy characters
Turkey wrote at 9:09 AM on Mar 23, 2012 :
This was a good match!! icon_biggrin