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Old azz replays I wanted to get rid of.
Posted August 16 2010
Yes I still play Yoshi :)
Posted May 31 2009
AiB Ladder matches
Posted January 26 2009
Bunch of clips that were supposed to be a compilation vid.... but I'm too lazy to make one
Posted January 22 2009
Me messing around with Yoshi's DR and the small glide toss that comes out of it. Diddy's not the only one XD
Posted November 25 2008
My new "combo" video. My main Yoshi only this time. Enjoy :) Songs: Intro-Yoshi's Story Techno Remix We Made It- Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park
Posted September 25 2008
Me fighting a G-dorf player in an online tourney.
Posted September 18 2008
Hilarious comeback that I somehow pulled off.
Posted July 10 2008
My first vid =D Music: Pendelum-Propane Nightmares Art of Fighters-Game of Pain Enjoy!
Posted June 12 2008