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Here it is. My compilation of SuS, random strats, F-smash endings, batswings for non-bat swingers, BtT Lv.4 Toon Link (first record on first try), and...
Posted February 27 2010
My SSBB compilations
Posted February 3 2010
This is a compilation of my records that got me 42 k+m. As you see here, my records here are the previously glitched characters that freezes randomly,...
Posted November 27 2009
Olimar is US record, edit of Fukka's strat. Falco is my strat Ice Climbers is Sapphire's strat King Dedede is by my strat Link is my strat
Posted November 27 2009
An album for TKDmaster's stadium-related videos.
Posted November 27 2009
This album contains SuS, MMB, Boss Battles, Events, All-Star, Classic, stages, pictures, battles, vault, and other thimg that can e shown, replayed, o...
Posted October 28 2009
All of my BtT scores and records are proven here.
Posted October 28 2009
Here are all of my HRC videos that are proven in this album. Rate and comment please.
Updated July 31 2009