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Thanks to FireRayquaza200 for uploading this <3 Ggs Cold these last hit matches are 2 good and scary. ;_; This replay is a month old
Posted January 17 2011
A Wifi Friendly with a good friend of mine :3 Thanks for my friend FireRayquaza200 for Uploading this <3
Posted January 15 2011
Jesus...i hate playing MKs lol oh well i did good sorta.. friendlies on WiFi with me and Scott lol GGz Hanzo's Description.
Posted November 17 2010
Game: Diddy Kong Racing N64 Music: Victory Theme This Victory theme goes very well with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong here's the brstm download li...
Posted August 25 2010
Watch in HD MetaKnight and Kirby (Red Team) vs. Fox and Wolf (Both Level 9 - Blue Team) on Battlefield. 5th TAS Match Karu - Kirby D.E.P - Met...
Posted June 7 2010
Me and Kyle doing Wifi Friendlies :D
Posted May 24 2010
A brand new series from the guy who did all those crazy DBZ redubs. This is kind of a test. If people like this, then I'll keep on making these.
Posted November 18 2009
Round 1 of 3 Plz Rate n Comment! :]
Posted September 24 2009
Round 2 of 3 :D Plz Rate n Comment :]
Posted September 24 2009
Sorry about the black lines but theres nothing i could do to stop them. This is match 1 and 2 of a 3 part fight. Lure my main man vs G&Ks K Kyle and o...
Posted August 15 2009
This Vid Contains Rape i raped her in MK dittos 5-2 the person that was watching was Tuze98567 he saw all the matches... 2 stocking her was 2 gud ...
Posted May 24 2009
I joined my friend toony (scooterking3423) in his seeking brawl and we had some brawls and i asked 4 a 1v1 against Dojo and this is wat happened. ...
Posted May 23 2009