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**READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO PLEASE** Okay so this is a project that I've been working on because I just wanted to try something new...
Posted May 13 2012
I've really made so many combo vids that I don't bother coming up with names anymore. I just make them for entertainment purposes now, so I hope you e...
Posted March 23 2012
A short tutorial I made because a bunch of people asked me how to do it. Hope I made it as clear as I could, leave a comment if there's something you ...
Posted January 26 2012
A short obstacle course I made to practice Lucas techs. I tried to put a little of everything in it, even the Zair jump since I use that sometimes. Za...
Posted January 23 2012
This could've been longer but I rarely save replays anymore. Hope you enjoy anyway
Posted November 28 2011
Do you need to mix things up? Do you just want to be flashier in general? Well here's most of Lucas's advanced techniques
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Posted November 13 2011
Uploaded out of boredom
Posted December 23 2010
So apparently this was known, but only on BF and Lylat. So I've been spending the last forever months of my life doing my favorite AT on two stages on...
Posted December 18 2010
Elexecution = Electrocution and Execution. This is my last, yes last combo video. I know it's not that long, I just got all the clips that I had left ...
Posted August 11 2010
A Lucas PSI Magnet Instructional. Also gave examples of how to use some of these in-game. I'm surprised I only had one replay of Magnet Pull gimping, ...
Posted August 9 2010
I know I said I wouldn't do another one but I had a lot of good clips that I didn't want to go to waste. Enjoy :)
Posted June 24 2010
READ DESCRIPTION FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111one. Hey everyone! It's my second Lucas combo vid, and I think it turned out pretty well. You ma...
Posted March 2 2010
Me performing Lucas's basic ATs, and explaining how to perform them. Most of these are ones you may know, others you may not I guess. Sections: Za...
Posted February 20 2010