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Elias99zz(Scharlachrot) vs (Saki Tsuzura) ally=Yukiyanisa Player match. I didn't use my main, saki is my training character that will be going to m...
Posted May 30 2013
Part 2
Posted May 20 2013
-.- yeah it's my first time fighting these cute little things I was really careless in this fight, trying out new roles but I did fair off with random...
Posted May 14 2013
This was a good game Main vs main.
Posted November 2 2011
Ronald McDonald
Posted October 7 2011
my new vidion opening. so please enjoy.
Posted September 29 2011
Lyrics(May not be accurate): Gone in a second, ultimate destruction Gods are warring, sorrow neverending Endless chaos for an eternity Welcome to th...
Posted June 30 2011
One on One game.
Posted June 19 2011
i did kinda good but yeaz.. i hope u like it =`3
Posted October 9 2010
thizn may beh mah worst upload yet x( im sorry!!!
Posted October 9 2010
Pleaze comment and rate! Dx
Posted October 9 2010
i had to do some changez, so itz the same vid.
Posted October 7 2010
Posted September 16 2010